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Solid Waste Management Plan Advisory Committee(s) Questionnaire

Metro Vancouver will be seeking applications from individuals with relevant personal qualities and experience to sit on advisory committee(s) for the solid waste management plan update, as required by provincial guidelines. Committee members will provide advice and input on the development of the region’s next solid waste management plan. Engagement with Indigenous Nations and communities is expected to be coordinated through a separate, collaborative process.

Forming the Advisory Committee(s)

We are in an early stage of developing the advisory committee(s) and are seeking your input on:

  • whether there be a single combined committee or separate technical and public committees
  • what sectors and interests should be represented on the committee(s)
  • what personal qualities and experience members should have  

The following 3-minute questionnaire will help inform the selection process for advisory committee members. Following review of feedback received though the questionnaire, the final structure and membership selection criteria of the committee(s) will be brought to the Zero Waste Committee and Metro Vancouver Board for consideration prior to an open call for applications. Individual members of the advisory committee(s) will be selected by the Board in a closed meeting.
If you wish to submit an application to join a committee, sign up to receive updates, on the solid waste management plan and you will receive the invitation to apply. The questionnaire closes September 15.

The questionnaire is now closed.

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1. Committee(s) Structure

There may be one combined public and technical committee or two separate committees – public and technical. There may also be working groups for specific sectors/areas of interest.

What is your preference for the committee(s) structure?

What, if anything, would you like to tell us about the committee(s) structure?

2. Sectors/Interests Represented by Members

Below is an initial list of sectors/interests that could be represented by members of the advisory committee(s).

  • Adjacent regional district elected official
  • Circular economy
  • Construction and demolition industry
  • Extended producer responsibility programs
  • Food service
  • Government agencies and health authorities
  • Large waste generators (e.g. academic institutions, transportation hubs, entertainment sector)
  • Multi-family residences
  • Non-governmental/non-profit organizations and environmental stewardship groups
  • Public members-at-large (e.g. youth, seniors, and multicultural, accessibility, and resident/community associations)
  • Recycling industry
  • Retail/grocery
  • Small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Waste industry

Which sectors/interests, if any, should be added to or removed from this list?

3. Personal Qualities, Perspectives and Experience

Below is an initial list of personal qualities, perspectives and experiences of advisory committee members.

  • Demonstrates community/committee involvement and the ability to work collaboratively with others
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to zero waste/circular economy goals
  • Demonstrates the ability to advance innovation
  • Experienced with waste and recycling (i.e. lived experience, technical expertise or both)
  • Belongs to a community that is typically underrepresented (e.g. women, LGBTQ2S+, Indigenous persons, immigrants, visible minority, persons with disabilities, youth etc.)
  • Represents the interests/perspectives of a group of people/sector

Which personal qualities, perspectives and experiences, if any, should be added to or removed from this list?

4. Closing

What else, if anything, should Metro Vancouver consider when forming the advisory committee(s) for the solid waste management plan update?