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​​Apply for an Agricultu​re Awareness Grant

​​​​​​​The applications for the 2024 Agricultural Awareness grants are now closed as of March 1​.

​If you have any questions about the application form or the eligibility of your project, contact

A. Applicant Information

Organization: *

Contact person name: *

Telephone: *

Title: *

Address: *

Mailing address (if different):

Email: *


Indicate the organization status: *

Year organization was founded:

Brief description of your organization and its mandate: *

B. Description of the Agriculture Awareness Project

Project name: *

Project lead person name and title (if different from applicant):

Brief description of the project: *

Project objective: *

Target audiences for the project: *

Number of years the project has existed: *

Location of the project: *

List of municipalities that are impacted by the project: *

C. Project Schedule and Deliverables

Project start date (select the first of the month if unknown): *
Select a date from the calendar.
Project end date (select the first of the month if unknown): *
Select a date from the calendar.
When will most of the agriculture awareness activity occur? *

Project deliverables: *

D. Project Budget

Total project budget: *

List of expenses and amount: *

List the sources of revenue and amount (indicate if confirmed): *

Lead organization total contribution (dollars & in-kind): *

Contribution of other funders/supporters (name/dollars/in-kind): *

Grant request from Metro Vancouver: *

E. Project Results

What are the desirable outcomes or anticipated benefits? *

How will you determine if the project has been successful? *

F. Conditions

  1. All grant recipients must provide Metro Vancouver a brief report on the results of the project by no later than February 15, 2025. The report should include how the funds were used, the results of the agriculture awareness activity and whether the objectives were met.
  2. Grant recipients must acknowledge the support of Metro Vancouver on all promotional materials related to the funded project.
  3. If making significant changes to the scope, schedule or budget of the funded project as described in this application, the organization will inform Metro Vancouver staff about the changes.
  4. If the project proposed in this application is not completed; and there remains regional funds on hand; or if the project is completed without requiring the full use of regional funds, the outstanding funds should be returned to Metro Vancouver through the Finance Department.
  5. Information provided in this application may be subject to disclosure under the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.
Submitted by (name/title): *

On behalf of (organization): *

Signature: *

Date: *
Select a date from the calendar.