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As a follow up to our recent meeting with Strathearn Court tenants, Metro Vancouver Housing (MVH) staff committed to circulating a short survey to seek tenant feedback regarding a longer term solution regarding the structure and location of the garbage recycling and organics containers.

Your feedback is important to us and will be taken into consideration along with Fire Department recommendations, budget, timeline and other factors.

If interested, please complete this form and return it via the drop box outside of the site office no later than Friday March 19, 2021.

As reminder, here are the short term actions taken to date to secure the garbage enclosure:

  • Secured the area by rebuilding the structure and added wire meshing
  • Secure locked enclosure
  • Plastic lids on containers replaced with steel lids
  • Padlocks on containers
  • Video surveillance being explored
  • Better lighting
  • Eyes on the site with nightly security patrols in place

In looking for a longer term solution, there are ways to reduce opportunity for vandalism and fire in the garbage enclosure’s current location; and there are ways to reduce opportunities by moving the garbage enclosure location. Each option has trade-offs.

Option 1

Keep the garbage enclosure at the current location and rebuild it out of metal. This change requires a building permit from the City of Vancouver, which will likely take 6-8 months for approvals, followed by construction anticipated at 1-2 months, dependent on availability of contractors and materials. The benefit of Option 1 is the enclosure will be constructed sooner.

Option 2

Keep short term improvements and consider alternate locations on the site for the garbage enclosure as part of the building rehabilitation project, slated to begin in 12-18 months. Relocating the garbage enclosure to the underground parkade is one option, however, it will likely to result in the loss of 4-6 parking stalls. The benefit of Option 2 is the added opportunity to incorporate various features, such as fobs in the project and to explore alternate locations on the site.

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Unit No.
*one response per household

Given the options and trade-offs, which do you prefer?

Do you have any comments regarding your preference?

Anything else you’d like to let us know?